About Astra

Growing up around the forests and mountains of the Pacific Northwest, Astra developed a deep appreciation for nature and outdoor sports. As a former trail and long distance runner she understands the value of comfortable and durable activewear.

She also understands, now more than ever, we can’t take nature for granted, that’s why her focus has been on sustainability and ethical manufacturing processes. ImagineByAstra uses eco-friendly fabrics and top rated safety dyes, near zero water waste machines as well as recycles cutting scraps and uses recycled packaging wherever possible. 

Whether breathing the fresh air the trees have exhaled or smelling a beautiful flower, nature tends to have a positive effect. We express ourselves with our clothing and breathe a little bit of that happiness to others.

Flowers are nature’s art and Astra seeks to bring them front and center to celebrate them fully by using large floral prints in her designs. All of her prints are made from photos she has taken of flowers and nature.

We hope you will enjoy her designs and live life in bold print!