The front of a sleeveless form-fitting tropical themed bodycon dress is shown with black down one side and white down the other and blue tropical iris flowers cascading between, by designer, ImagineByAstra.

What is a bodycon dress?

The bodycon dress, a classic staple in a woman’s wardrobe, is a tight fitting dress that hugs the curves. It can be made of various materials but is often stretchy. As such it accentuates a woman’s figure and is a go to for date nights or other evening outings.

A woman front and center in the foreground wears a form-fitting black cocktail dress while other cocktail party guests interact in the background.

The little black dress falls into this category as well as the party or club dress.

Three women party in a night club setting while wearing sparkly tight fitted party mini dresses

You can dress it up or down. Wear it with heels or flats for a more casual look or pair with a blazer for office wear.

A business woman with red hair and fair skin wears a gray form-fitting patterned short dress with a complementing gray houndstooth blazer.

Depending on its design and how it is styled it is suitable for cocktail parties, weddings and other functions.

Where Does the Word Bodycon Come From?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines bodycon as: “conforming to the outline of the body: formfitting”. It is unknown exactly how this word started but it appeared sometime in the 90’s and Merriam-Website proposes it stands for “body conforming” as it forms to the body.

What body types can wear a bodycon dress?

Two versions of the same curvy woman with tan skin and long black hair pose among the chairs of a sidewalk cafe while they model two versions of a similar bodycon minidress: one in yellow and one in blue.All body types can wear a bodycon dress as all body types are beautiful and have curves to show off.

Bodycon dresses can be worn with a light top such as a cardigan or jacket, they can be accessorized with a belt. Though the simple silhouette of a bodycon dress is part of its beauty don’t overlook this blank canvas as an opportunity to style with a statement necklace, bangles or sexy knee high boots.

Every woman should have a few bodycons in their wardrobe. They are incredibly versatile and usually quite comfortable and easy to style for any occasion in a pinch.

Shape wear is a girl’s best friend and the secret to maximizing a bodycon dress. So put on your best and knock ‘em dead!

A young light skinned woman with long black hair wears a sleeveless, form-fitting cocktail dress with black down one side of the front and white down the other and a large blue tropical iris flower between, by designer, ImagineByAstra. Other cocktail party guests mingle in the background.




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